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How Can We Help You?

Batterers Program – 52 Week Program

You may have found us because you were accused or charged with domestic violence and are ordered to complete the Batterer’s Intervention & Prevention Program (BIPP). Bright Futures Together LLC will help you to complete the program and be with you through the whole 52 weeks. We are here to help any one in need of completing this program regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, etc. We have various group times and LGBTQIA+ groups, men, women, and offer some individual classes. If you have been court ordered we can help. If you know that the relationship patterns you have are unhealthy or toxic then come join a group. We are here to help and educate in order to grow our community for the better.

Anger Management Programs

Anger is a natural, very normal emotion that can be healthy when we know how to process and express it without hurting those around us. Anger can be a powerful emotion that we sometimes need a little help with to know how to channel it without hurting ourselves or others. If you believe that you may have difficulty controlling the anger, or the anger has gotten the best of you, then this program is for you. We will learn about healthy communication skills, how to have anger in a healthy way, what anger does to our bodies, what anger does to others in our lives, and much more.

Love and Sex Addition Group

Here are some questions to ask yourself if think you may have a problem with love and sexual addiction:

  • Have you tried to stop or set limits on your sexual behavior and found that you were unsuccessful?

  • Have you found yourself engaging in the behavior longer than you intended?

  • Have you tried to resist certain sexual behaviors and found that you can’t?

  • Have you spent an unreasonable amount of time obtaining sex or recovering from sexual experiences?

  • Have you engaged in the behavior despite having other obligations such as work, marriage, or child care?

  • Have you continued these behaviors despite knowing the consequences to work, family, and yourself?

  • Have you had to give up social, occupational, or recreational activities to engage in the behavior?

  • Do you find yourself being preoccupied with the behavior or preparing for the behavior?

  • Do you find yourself in and out of toxic relationships or finding a reason to fight just for the makeup sex?

If you answered yes to three or more of these questions you may want to look further at your love and sexual behavior patterns as well as join the group or come to individual classes. With Bright Futures Together we want to help you break free of any unhealthy cycle and provide our wrap around service with this new addition to our services because of the current need and helping individuals overcome their addictions and unhealthy toxic behaviors and patterns. 

Victims Support Group

Classes and groups are centered around our clients that are currently in a situation that is unhealthy, come from a toxic situation or event, leaving a situation or relationship, and/or have already left that situation. We support anyone who needs to talk and learn how to build a healthier self and relationship.

Substance Use Support Group

Group is designed for substance use and those that are currently getting sober, contemplating getting sober, those who are sober, and anyone that wants to join who has a history with substance use (personal or family/friend). Group is important to help recognize what addiction is, patterns, education about substance use, etc.

Parenting Class

No one is handed a parenting manual when we have children. Come and join the class or individual session to start building you parenting manual. Parenting classes offer many kinds of useful information on topics that range from childcare to health issues and emotional problems for children and parents. You can come and do the parenting classes for court, CPS, adoption, divorce, yourself, and/or you wanting to communicate better with your partner.

Domestic Violence (Intimate Partner Violence) Court Expert Witness

This specialized service is based on individual basis and needs. With many years of experience working with domestic violence the CEO of Bright Futures Together LLC offers and provides expert testimony in the court system for victims, families, and attorneys. Each case is different and has different needs so what is needed will be catered to each person seeking services. We can provide expert testimony on the stand, complete case reviews, write affidavits, complete assessments, etc.

Grant Writer

The function of a Grant Writer is to gather documentation and fulfill the necessary requirements of various funding bodies to formally seek funding on behalf of their agency. The CEO of Bright Futures Together has assisted many non-profits, for profits, and various agencies needing funding. Our Grant Writer is an excellent researcher who not only finds the funding organization who’s grants match with their organization, but also is an astute writer who knows how to properly appeal to the funding organizations board. Make an appointment to work together with the Grant Writer to best understand the needs of your agency in need of funding and the organization that is offering the grant money and how to ensure your best odds of getting the grant by working with Bright Futures Together LLC.

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